Hi, this is Rich Butler, founder of The Original Selfie Fan Company, LLC and inventor & developer of the amazing Original Selfie Fan™ with LED Messages!

I have been an entrepreneur, business owner, manufacturer, importer and outside the box thinker for nearly 3 decades!

I hope you will agree that our Original Selfie Fan with pre-programmed LED text messages, is the COOLEST mobile accessory ever!

And now, with the help of KICKSTARTER and your support, we will soon deliver the world’s first SELF-PROGRAMMABLE SELFIE FAN which enables YOU, the user, to download an app to your Smart phone, and then, through a BLUETOOTH connection, customize & program your very own non-SMS illuminated LED text messages, over & over again !

It’s really going to be simple and easy to use!

Think about how much fun you’ll have telling the world what’s on your mind, and what you’re feeling and thinking while keeping cool with your smart phone while you are

…At a concert,
…At a ballgame,
…At a nightclub,
…At a casino,
…At a rave,
…At a music festival,
…At church,
…At a bar or restaurant

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We are in the process of re-designing and re-tooling the plastic housing and further developing and incorporating Bluetooth circuitry and programming as well as completing development of the smart phone application that allows you to seamlessly self-program LED text messages into your Selfie Fan, over and over again.

The Original Self-Programmable Selfie Fan with LED Messages has multiple patents pending, and comes with a clever 2-in-1 connector, suitable for both ios & Android OTG Smart phones, a swivel feature, and an on/off button.

We will also provide for the newer USB-C smart phone ports.

Choose from 7 LED colors and up to 16 characters and have fun self programming multiple LED text messages over and over again!  Change them as often as you like!

A powerful yet quiet motor, and safe vinyl blades, provide exceptional cooling power for when you’re on the go and whenever you need to cool down.

The Original Selfie Fan is powered by your smart phone, but uses very little battery power!

I really think you’re’ going to absolutely love and have so much fun with your Original SELF PROGRAMMABLE SELFIE Fan and we can’t wait to deliver them to you.

I thank you so much for your support.

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The Original Selfie Fan Company, LLC
Rich Butler – Founder / Inventor

Questions or comments?  I’d love to hear from you. Email me at info@MySelfieFan.com